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The protection of your business data and networks is a responsibility shared by all who are affiliated with your organisation. Effective security awareness knowledge is the foundation of successful ICT governance.

Training & Workshops

Education is one of the most effective ways to keep your organisation, staff and customers safe when engaging in cyberspace.

Training programs are now considered a fundamental part of the compliance processes to ensure businesses are actively engaged in counter strategies to alleviate risks of cyber crime events.

PaperDog's training workshops are interactive and focused on what is relevant to your business environment. 

The training is tailored to individual business models and governance structures to allow easy and immediate adoption strategies that can be immediately implemented into your existing business processes, and business culture.

Executive Level Security and ICT Awareness Programs

Corporate leaders, executives and management can no longer afford to be ignorant of technology and must be prepared to understand conceptual and cyber threats.

Corporate security policy needs to be a top-down philosophy. It is only when executives understand their exposure and the threats, that they can address real solutions. C-level executives should be able to provide informed leadership in developing policy.

This training will enable your business leaders to be able to identify true risks to your organisation by learning to make an assessment of the probability and impact of real situations that can arise to pose a security threat. It is designed to help executives understand and create functional policies such as access control, privacy, acceptable use, and change control, as well as having a greater understanding of the funding necessary to implement them.

Key Features

  • Responsive Threat Analysis
  • Leadership Confidence
  • Policy Management Procedures
  • Enhanced Technical Ability

Staff Security Awareness Training

When it comes to cyber security an organisation's weakest link is its people. An informed, vigilant workforce is one of the most important defences against cyberattacks.

This training empowers employees to take more informed steps to protect their information, it increases awareness of security issues, incident response procedures and it helps protect your organisation's assets and reputation.

The training is designed to help staff develop the skills, knowledge and practical steps to become your organisation's "human firewall" that will change company culture for the better.

Key Features

  • Threat Recognition
  • Incident Response Awareness
  • Role Interpretation
  • Fundamental ICT Security Skills

Customised Security Awareness Training

All PaperDog training is customised to your organisation's requirements.

Training, however, may need to go beyond executive and staff education and your organisation may have particular requirements based upon unique operating environments and automated systems that require a high level of technical proficiency.

PaperDog can design and deliver training programs to suit any industry, providing not only elementary knowledge but also residual value through post training workshops and deliverables.

Key Features

  • Unique Operational Training
  • Industry Specific Training
  • High Level Technician Training
  • Educators Training