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A Technology Audit provides the blueprint with which we help you build the frameworks required to understand your ICT environment and the tools to keep it safe and up to date.

Technology Security Audit

As an organisation operating within the digital world you need to know where the data you are responsible for is and what it is doing.

Do you know:

  • Where your data is held;
  • the security and privacy policies that are in place and what they mean;
  • if you have disparate technologies operating across control points that were never designed to work together;
  • if your staff and executives are security savvy;
  • if your outsources can be trusted;
  • what happens in the case of a breach;
  • your data recovery plan;
  • the ICT laws applicable to you and your business; and
  • how to manage all of this?

PaperDog can step you through this process and provide a strong framework to operate from. We will help you take control back of your IT processes.

PaperDog consultants will physically investigate your existing ICT and provide documentation that will give clear pathways forward. By integrating these frameworks into policy and protocols, your business will be ready to safely negotiate present and future data requirements and laws, both nationally and internationally.

Key Features

  • Independent Onsite Audit
  • Strategy Frameworks
  • Documentation
  • Training