Independent Systems Security Consultancy
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Through governance and effective strategies, PaperDog can help your organisation deliver a framework to provide direction and coordinated management of information security.

Consulting Services

We are here to help businesses manage their digital information in an arena of rapid advances in technology, the sheer volume of information and the complexity of the online environment.

Our consultants are highly trained and trusted individuals who have in-depth understanding of deep technology and processes. As technology linguists in multiple fields and making full use of ICT laws and regulations, we can isolate risks and help map out clear, factual, process driven procedures to ensure due diligence compliance.

Cloud Computing Assessment & Strategies

Cloud computing is not a new technology, it is simply a new way of delivering computing resources. This evolving economic model has driven technological change towards low cost internet based service delivery models.

PaperDog specialises in Cloud computing. We provide assistance to ensure your cloud service providers are following sound security measures and meeting their regulatory and legal obligations. We assist you in mitigating the risks associated with using cloud services, and provide a clear roadmap to ensure your Cloud Service Provider is adhering to obligations and expectations that have been committed to.

Key Features

  • Service Provider Assessments
  • Technology Interpretation
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Future Strategies

Vendor Outsource Assessment & Strategies

Although outsourcing your technology requirements can be beneficial to your business, it is also likely to affect data security. This can adversely affect your organisation's ability to control its communication, intellectual property and customer information.

PaperDog assesses your infrastructure to help discover the associated risks, and we provide your business with clear policies to help leverage more bargaining power and mitigate these risks.

Key Features

  • Vendor Product Assessments
  • Service Assessments
  • Outsource Due Diligence
  • Risk & Leverage Strategies

ICT Security Governance & Strategy

Proper business governance is a focus to build a bridge between the technology and legal frame work. It provides a strong framework to operate from and enables a planned approach to future ICT considerations. To make your Security Governance Framework effective is to make it part of your organisation's business governance culture. This needs to be treated as 'living documents' which are easy to use and regularly kept up to date.

PaperDog will assist your business to align your ICT policies with your Corporate governance all the way through to your technology management strategies and governance procedures.

Key Features

  • Technology Overview
  • Regulatory Strategies
  • Policy Strategies
  • Management and Governance Alignment

Information Security Management

Information Security Management is important in order to maintain your security infrastructure.

Through effective Information Security Management, PaperDog will help you make sense of the technical processes, security protocols, legal liabilities and risk governance issues around data security and jurisdiction.

Key Features

  • Security Interpretation
  • Management Strategies
  • Policy Structures
  • Liability Assessment

Cybercrime Risk Assessment

Modern cybercrime operations are more sophisticated, well-funded, and capable of causing major disruption to organisations.

Today's threats go beyond traditional boundaries - Threats can now manifest on the network, end points, on mobile devices, and in virtual environments.

New attack vectors include: Mobile devices; web-enabled and mobile applications; hypervisors; social media; web browsers; home computers; vehicles; and smart technologies.

PaperDog assesses the risks associated with cybercrime and your business to give you a clear path to understanding and combating these risks.

Key Features

  • Physical Technology Risk Assessments
  • User Risk Assessments
  • Incident Policy Assessments
  • Network Technology Risk Assessments

Cybercrime Prevention Strategies

Strong cybersecurity gives businesses a competitive advantage in an increasingly connected market.

PaperDog's cybersecurity solutions empower businesses to operate with confidence and trust within cyberspace. PaperDog helps businesses to be proactive to identify and understand associated risks and to develop appropriate mitigation strategies and implementation of cybersecurity measures.

From a business governance perspective we help to implement and review assessment approaches to cybersecurity measures. This will protect the integrity of business operations and the identity and privacy of customer information.

Key Features

  • Crime Assessment Review
  • Preventative Strategy Implementation
  • Incident Response Strategies
  • Training

Risk Management Strategies

Risk in business is often a requirement for growth and innovation. However negative risk can be countered by planning sound strategies based on your ICT governance, policies and applicable laws. Effective risk management frameworks and strategies are essential.

Paperdog helps leverage business opportunities while mitigating and identifying risks. We will help you to develop effective cybersecurity risk management strategies that are aligned with assets at risk, business objectives, corporate governance principles, regulatory compliance, and industry standards.

Key Features

  • Regulatory Compliance Strategies
  • Governance Strategies
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Training